Veterans honoured for contributions


On Wednesday, January 10, about 15 members of the Saint-Barthélemy Veterans’ Federation were invited for a medal ceremony to honour Secretary Jean-Claude Deffontaine and Treasurer Patrice Gouard, who were rewarded for their work on the exhibition of models for the First World War, installed in 2016 at the Territorial Museum.

The third award was presented to Philippe Laduré, Flag Bearer, a highly symbolic mission.

“It’s normal to honour these three recipients, especially as they contributed to Saint-Barthélemy’s outreach at official receptions in Paris and New York,” said Lucien Couic, President of the Local Veterans Federation.

The bronze medal was awarded to the trio by Bruno Magras, President of St Barts and Honorary President of the association. Mr Magras took the opportunity to address his wishes to the members, who “shine on the island the bonds that unite us to the Republic. Without them, we would be sadly few and stunted in front of the war memorial, on July 14 or November 11 …”

“Let’s hope we’ll still be here in ten years, going strong,” commented Lucien Couic, after congratulating the three medallists.


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