St Martin and St Barts at risk of losing seat in National Assembly

Screen Shot 2017-06-07 at 17.26.30There were thirteen candidates campaigning for St Martin and St Barts in the French Legislative Elections, which took place for French overseas territories Saturday, June 10 and Saturday, June 17.

During the campaign, Opposition Councillor Louis Mussington (pictured), leader of Movement for Justice and Prosperity (MJP), told local media that St Martin was at risk of losing its representation in the National Assembly in Paris due to “a record of apathy” as in both the recent Presidential elections and local Council elections, significant levels of abstention were registered.

“Presently, there’s a consensus among the major political forces in France to reduce considerably the number of Parliamentarians to 300 or 350 at the level of the Senate [upper house] and the National Assembly [lower house],”Councillor Mussington commented.

“If there’s not a large turnout in our voting district, chances are they will look at areas where there has been a low turnout and consequently conclude that that voting district does not need to exist.”

The National Assembly comprises 577 representatives, six of whom are from overseas territories, and 11 elected by French citizens established in foreign countries.

The Councillor added, “In order to preserve our right to have representation in the National Assembly, it is vital that everybody comes out to vote on election day to send a signal that we must have a representative from St. Martin. If we get eliminated, we will be going backwards to where we came from … that is having someone from Guadeloupe representing us in Paris. That would be unacceptable.”