St Barts rental with ‘best bathtub view’

St Bart's Luxury Villa on Flamands Beach Photo: Tripadvisor Rentals
St Bart’s Luxury Villa on Flamands Beach. Photo: Tripadvisor Rentals

TripAdvisor Rentals has picked the world’s Top Ten luxury rentals “with the best bathtub views”.

Ranked by price per night, the list of properties range from most expensive – the Aspen Ultimate Luxury Retreat from €15,048 (£12,988) to least – the Wanggulay Too Treetops in Cairns, Australia, from €308 (£266).

St Barts’ Luxury Villa on Flamands Beach comes in at the second most pricey, from €12,957 (£11,177). Situated on a white sand beach facing the islands famous turquoise water, the seaside villa boasts an open-air living concept and the master suite, with a massive private terrace, comprises “an Instagram-worthy tub”.

It’s also equipped with every home-away-from-home amenity imaginable, including a fully-equipped gourmet kitchen., wine cellar, and dish network.