St Barts makes Condé Nast’s Top Ten

Gustavia, St Barts. Photo: SV Zanshin
Gustavia, St Barts. Photo: SV Zanshin

Condé Nast’s annual Reader’s Choice Awards, which surveyed more than 30 thousand travellers, announced its winners of the World’s Best Islands last week.

For the vote of “Top 30 Best Islands” in the world outside the US in 2017, St Bart’s, which the publication said is “already bouncing back in formidable fashion” post Hurricane Irma, came in at a respectable seventh place, snuggled between Bermuda (#6) and Turks and Caicos (#8).

The Philippines took the Triple Crown, dominating the podium with three islands, Boracay (#1), Cebu and Visayan Islands (#2) and Palawan (#3). Mallorca, Spain, and Mykonos, Greece, rounded off the top five most desirable islands.

Condé Nast offered a tip for St Barts visitors: “For the closest thing the island has to a beach shack, take a meal at Dõ Brazil on Shell Beach just outside of the capital, Gustavia. It’s still St Barts, so expect martinis instead of Coronas alongside your fish fritters.”