Popular St Barts eatery reopens for season

One of St Bart’s most popular restaurants has reopened for the New Year.

Shellona, the waterfront eatery on Shell Beach in Gustavia opened for the season on December 27.

This is the second season for the Greek restaurant, led by Athenian Yiannis Kioroglou, one of Greece’s most talented chefs, who serves a mix of local seafood and classic Greek dishes. Start off with feta cheese wrapped in filo pastry and honey (€12) or the Cycladitiki – traditional Aegean salad with tomatoes lobster & feta cheese (€21) – followed by a signature Kalamakos lamb kebab (€25).

Shellona, formerly Do Brasil, has a sister eatery in Saint Tropez, and is open daily from 10 am to 7 pm. Reservations on +590 (0)690 661 661.

Photo: Facebook Shellona
Photo: Facebook Shellona


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