Meeting Dec 6 for associations in need of financial assistance post-Irma

Photo: Nick Youngson
Photo: Nick Youngson

Following hurricane Irma on September 5, which hit St Barts and St Martin, a relief fund for disaster victims – “an expression of national solidarity” – has been set up by the Ministry of Overseas France.

The financial aid had been available to fishermen, farmers, small family or artisanal businesses. Now, associations, as economic and social players, hamberan also benefit from this assistance for uninsured property, subject to approval by application.

In the same way as it applies for family-owned or small businesses, associations with small building structures that were damaged by hurricane Irma, which has consequently created a difficult economic and social situation, can apply for funding.

For the concerned associations, the Prefecture of St Barts and St Martin is organising an informative meeting on Wednesday, December 6, at 4 pm, at the Interprofessional Chamber Consular of Saint-Martin (10 Rue Jean, Jacques Fayel, Concordia).

To apply, download the standard claim form, and either post it or take it to the designated office by December 15th:

St Barts – Drop off application in Gustavia at the Multi-Professional Economic Chamber (10 rue Oscar II). Open to the public: Monday to Friday from, 7:30 am to 12:30 pm and from 1 pm to 4:30 pm.

St Martin – Mail of drop off envelope addressed to “Overseas Relief Fund – Associations”, Attention: Mrs Charles, Prefecture of Saint-Martin and Saint-Barthélemy, 23 rue de Spring, Condordia. Open to the public: Monday to Friday, 8:30 am to noon.


Prepaid cards distributed on St Barts and St Martin