Man sentenced for stealing €40 from Anglican church

Photo: Facebook Gendarmerie de Guadeloupe et des Îles du Nord
Photo: Facebook Gendarmerie de Guadeloupe et des Îles du Nord

A 20-year-old was sentenced for stealing from the St Barts the Anglican Church, where he was staying after the hurricane, and at the St Barth Tennis Club.

The man, who usually resides with his mother on the neighbouring island of St Kitts, found a job on St Barts after Irma and was living at the Anglican Church in Gustavia for a month, the maximum allowed. The young man in turn stole €40 in total, and food, from the church.

At the same time, a complaint was lodged against him in November at the St Barth Tennis Club, where the man forced open a shutter to steal a soda, as well €8.

Shortly after hurricane Irma, the St Barts gendarmes had stopped this man near a beach. He was wearing a cap with the name of a luxury hotel, had a computer, ten pairs of sunglasses, two USB keys and a telephone belonging to a hotel. The suspect had regularly pestered passers-by in Gustavia and had been reported several times to the gendarmes.

In court, according to the Soualiga Post, the young man was texting on his smartphone during the requisition, completely indifferent to his fate.

The Anglican Church asked for a symbolic euro in damages, and a ban on his returning to St Barts.

The court sentenced him to 8 months in prison, 5 of which were suspended. He will also have to compensate the Anglican church €1.


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