Fleming announces candidature for June’s legislative elections

Anne Karine Fleming. Photo: Ensemble 2017
Anne Karine Fleming. Photo: Ensemble 2017

Anne Karine Fleming says she will put forth her candidature to represent St Martin and St Barts in the upcoming French legislative elections, which take place on June 10 and 17.

With the slogan “Ensemble 2017”, Ms Fleming was previously a “suppléante” (substitute representative ) for candidate Christophe Beaupère, who pulled out of the running two months ago. Patrick Bouffar-Roupe, from St Barts, is her current substitute.

A native of St Martin but also a French citizen, Ms Fleming has been involved in politics for more than 15 years, notably through the campaigns of Louis Constant Fleming since 2001, and as an elected member of the UMP Federation of St Martin since its inception, and now as Treasurer of the Federation of St Martin Republicans, presided over by Daniel Gibbs.

“I think my knowledge of both sides of the island is going to be an asset, that’s very important, especially how things have involved locally between France and Holland, and it’s very important that our representative in Paris knows the Dutch side politicians and parties, and knows the system,” Fleming commented.

“There’s a situation with the Treaty of Concordia that is not being respected. We are being pulled in opposite directions by both nations, drifting apart. But we can only be strong if we are together.

“The overseas territories need to come together to have a stronger cooperation to protect their social environment. The situation in French Guiana recently showed that social problems can get deeper and deeper into a hole. We also want to officialise English as a regional language in administration. There are some districts where people don’t speak any French. These are projects that can be presented in Parliament with other regions as well.”

Ms Fleming, who is “determined to fight in the interest of the people of St Martin”, added she is close to the population on both sides of the island through her work with Island Gems Charity Foundation and other associations, which help her stay connected to the community. (Feature photo: Rama)