Earthquake 30km from St Barts, tremors felt on island

Photo: Facebook Sapeurs-pompiers de France
Photo: Facebook Sapeurs-pompiers de France

On December 24, at 11:12 am, 5.8-magnitude earthquake was recorded with its epicentre off shore, near Anguilla (population 9,208), 28km north-northeast of St Barts and at a depth of 67 km.

The tremors were widely felt, characterised by persistent sound, although no tsunami alert was triggered.

After a seismic earthquake, the St Barts and St Martin Prefecture recommend that residents listen and follow instructions given by the authorities to the media and inform authorities of any danger – but only cases of absolute urgency.

Assess damage and dangerous areas and move away from them, remembering that after the first tremor, there may be others. As such, take the stairs (avoid elevators) when leaving a building; check gas, water, electricity and in case of leakage, shut off the power, open windows and doors, and dial 18.

Additionally, think of providing first aid to neighbours, the elderly and disabled.